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Leadhers is a mentoring platform for both mentors and mentees. curated list of mentors pay it forward by mentoring our selected mentees. 

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Theme based dinners where you get to meet, network and have one to one dialogues with fellow diners. Our guest speaker is carefully selected to give you a chance to meet and talk about a theme that you are interested in.



Curated workshops on soft skills and technical skills from real life leadhers.

Leadhers collaborates with learning expert Kapil Chopra, Founder & CEO of Smart Marketing tribe.

Imagine being able to take your existing knowledge /skills and turn them into an online business and create passive income while your sleep.

If you have been struggling to create an online income then this Masterclass is for you.

In this Masterclass you will learn step by step process how to make passive income each month by creating and selling online courses on Automation.

Masterclass Overview:
* Section 1 - The scope of e-learning business
* Section 2 - The psychology behind choosing the right skill and course
* Section 3 - Creating an online course step by step
* Section 4 - Course Video Production
* Section 5 - Choosing your Instructional video styles
* Section 6 - Setting up your own online school
* Section 7 - Promoting your business online

This is a ‘NO BRAINER’ Masterclass & anyone who has a certain set of skill and would like to turn his/her passion into a sustainable business.

Speaker: Kapil Chopra, Founder & CEO of Smart Marketing Tribe. (Digital Marketing Expert, Trainer & Growth Hacker). Trained over 40k+ students in more than 120+ countries.

Date: 16th May 2019
Time: 8pm - 10:30pm (IST)
10:30AM - 1PM (EST)
Where: Online

The course is priced at Rs. 3000. Register using the below link that has been created exclusively for Leadhers, you get 50% off.

Registration Link:


Coupon code: LEADHERS

Please spread the word. For any further information, post your queries here.

Invest in yourself...invest in a new learning!