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I am a senior career Corporate Banker, with a 19 year career spanning across India and the UK in major global banks.

As a journey, it has had its high points but there have also been many challenges along the way, often on account of my being a woman and a working mother. Nor were those challenges unique to me. All around me, I saw the careers of other women arbitrarily stunted by multiple systemic biases, both conscious and unconscious. 

Today gender parity is a very topical theme and boardrooms are embracing diversity. Yet while top down change is welcome, it needs to be supported by bottom up initiatives too. This is where mentoring comes in. 

The dictionary defines mentoring as “a trusted counselor or guide”. I see a mentor as someone interested in helping others grow and prosper by offering them emotional strength, constructive feedback and professional guidance. In my own career I am indebted to mentors like Vijay, Richard and Carol (Thank you!). In turn I have sought to pay it forward, by helping colleagues with both formal and informal mentoring. These exchanges were deeply fulfilling and emotionally enriching.

Yet for all that, mentors can be hard to find. For each of us lucky enough to have a mentor, there are so many who have never had a mentor. Like winning a lottery ticket, finding a good mentor seems to be an act of God. Until now.

Leadhers is a mentoring platform that seeks to bring together mentors and mentees in meaningful, mutually enriching relationships. While we hope mentors will be primarily motivated by a desire to create their own legacy by paying it forward, mentoring  has multiple benefits for mentors.

So, come join in and make Leadhers the go to place for professional mentoring for women.


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